Mark as Hired / Onboarding


When you click on the Mark as Hired button in Recruit, the applicant’s contact information and other data points will be transferred from the applicant’s profile in Recruit into the HRIS system, which triggers a new onboarding task to begin the onboarding process. 

(Note: only fields that have been filled out in your applicant's profile will be imported.)

Included Fields:

  1) First name

  2) Last name

  3) Address

  4) Personal email address

  5) Position applied for

  6) Application date

  7) Start date (= hire date in SyncHR)

  8) EEO fields: gender, ethnicity, veteran status, and disability status

  9) Social Security Number

10) Date of birth

11) Applicant files

Please note: SSN and date of birth can be securely collected with the signed offer letter and transferred to the HRIS system. This information is not stored within Recruit.