Only SyncHR Admin users will be able to see the Recruiting menu item on the Company menu when logged into the SyncHR system so they can access Recruiting via single sign on. But what about the rest of your hiring managers who need access to Recruiting? You can add a link to the SyncHR Recruit login page to your team's Myself page in the Documents & Links section of the SyncHR system so all of your hiring managers can easily login to Recruiting without having to bookmark or remember what the web page address is. Keep reading for easy step-by-step instructions.

1. Log in to your SyncHR system.

2. On the Company menu, select Admin Portal.

3. Under the Company menu on the left side of the Admin Portal, select Company Documents and then click on the Add Company Document button.

4. Follow these steps to add the external link.

  a. Click on the External Link tab

  b. Copy and paste the following link into the Link field:

  c. Enter a description for the link (for example, "Recruiting login link (for hiring managers)")

  d. Set the document type 

  e. Decide who can view the link (All Employees or Only Specified Employee Groups)

  f. Click on the Save button

This will add the SyncHR Recruit login page link to the Documents & Links section of the Myself page of any employees for whom you have enabled the link. See example below.