You can use the Mark as Hired button on an applicant's profile in Recruit to import key fields from the applicant's profile and begin the employee onboarding process in SyncHR. Here are step-by-step instructions. 


Mark an Applicant as Hired and Begin the Employee Onboarding Process


1. Open up the applicant's profile in SyncHR Recruit by clicking on the View Applicant button.


2. When the Application Viewer opens up, click on the Mark as Hired button.


3. Set the applicant's Hire Date and Start Date and click on the Save button. (Note: The Start Date in SyncHR Recruit will be the Hire Date in SyncHR for payroll purposes.)


You'll see a confirmation pop up box letting you know that the applicant is ready to be set up as a new employee.


4. In your SyncHR account, go to HR >Task Center and click on the Details icon next to the ATS Onboarding task for the newly hired applicant you wish to set up as an employee. That will begin the Onboarding Process for that employee in SyncHR.