When you can create a new Position in your SyncHR account, a new Offline Job Posting will be created automatically in your SyncHR Recruit account. From there, a hiring manager can review and edit the job posting and then Publish it Online to begin attracting qualified applicants to the new job.

Note: Editing a job title in your SyncHR Recruit account will automatically edit the job title in SyncHR.

Create a New Position in SyncHR

1. Go to HR and click on Positions.

2. Click on the Actions button and select New.

3. Fill in the required fields and check the box to Send position information to Recruit Module. Save your new position. 

Edit & Publish the New Job Posting in SyncHR Recruit

1. To find the newly created Offline Job Posting in Recruit, go to HR > Recruiting and click on the Offline Jobs tab on your Recruiting Dashboard.

Note: Only Admin level users will be able to view the Offline Job Posting.

2. Edit the job posting by clicking on the dropdown menu next to the job posting title and clicking on Edit Job. You can also create custom screening questions for the position using Form Builder. Make sure you add other users as Hiring Managers to the job posting before you save your changes! 

3. The last step is to Publish the job Online so applicants can see your active job posting and begin to apply. You can do this by going to the dropdown menu next to the job title and selecting Publish Online. Now, your job posting will have its own unique URL and working application form for applicants to apply. Visit the Post to Job Boards page (accessible via the dropdown menu next to the job posting title) to promote your new position to online job boards.