Your account offers pre-employment verification and background screening services through our partnership with


Bad hiring decisions can be expensive and expose employers to risk. Conducting a background check as part of the pre-employment screening process means you can reduce your legal liability, provide a safe work environment for all of your employees and avoid on the job criminal behavior.

  • Applicant self service background checks save your staff time and money in the pre-employment screening process.
  • Order, manage, review and store background screening reports for your candidates right in your account.
  • Pick a background check package that best fits your security and verification needs.

Crimcheck offers the following background check packages/services through your account:

Additional state mandated fees for criminal searches will be included in your invoice if the search subject's jurisdiction falls in the following states:
  • $22.00: South Dakota
  • $30.00: Vermont
  • $30.00: Maine
  • New York searches require an additional $66 fee, as required by the State of New York. If you enable New York searches we'll only incur this fee when an applicant has a current or past address in NY.